What do we want? Justice. When do I want it? After You.

a 1970's demonstration students workers against the cutbacks take over admin

building sit crowded cramped cross-legged listen to speeches blocking a door when

you fall asleep your head on my lap

who is this person to rest on a stranger so like a child no deception or guile

I take you home to find out


ReadWritePoem prompt Day 7: Write and capture a humorous incident related to love in a 5-line love poem called a tanka.

1. Describe in concrete terms one or two simple images (two or three lines) from your humorous love encounter, not just what you saw but also what you tasted, touched, smelled or heard.
2. What were you were thinking at the time this love encounter happened? Write that down, too, as two or three lines, so you have five lines in total for the poem.
3. Think about making the third line of your poem into a pivot line, so that it links to both the previous two lines and to the final two lines.
4. Test the tanka by dividing it into two parts so the third line acts both as the last line of the first part and as the first line of the second part. Does each section make sense separately, and then together?
5. Think about reducing — and even avoiding — capitalization and punctuation because a tanka needn’t be like a sentence or merely a flat statement.