At Sharkey's on Glenwood
they've got steamers and

spiedies three for a dollar


we're drunk on Rolling Rock
make a quick cut through
Recreation Park
take a quick turn on painted horses


but there's no time to grab the brass ring

we stumble on to Tom's Diner and
down black coffee until we sober up
then walk along the milky Susquehanna
head home to house on Floral Ave

in early morning hours
we sneak into Floral Park
lean against a headstone

watch tears of St. Lawrence

fall from the sky

your t-shirt's wet, but that's from

Genesee Cream Ale

Surely Sergeant William Franks won't mind.


Poetic Asides Prompt: Day 12

For today's prompt, pick a city, make that the title of your poem, and write a poem. Your poem can praise or belittle the city. Your poem could be about the city or about the people of the city. Your poem could even have seemingly nothing to do with the city. But the simple act of picking a city will set the mood (to a certain degree), so choose wisely.

For a few years in the mid-seventies, I studied at SUNY Binghamton (now known as Binghamton University). In addition to my lover's kisses I remember the taste of spiedies, a local specialty, and watching the Perseid meteor shower in Floral Park Cemetery across the street from my house.