Three Nights, Two Days to Bring Life Into Balance

This weekend President Obama
is taking the Cabinet to
Breitenbush Hot Springs.
Now if you're reading this
ten thousand years in the
future and your history books
no longer recount the fame or foible
of the twenty-first century,
let me clue you in on a few things.
Obama is the president of a
country called the United States of America.
Sometimes he's called the leader
of the free world; Sean Hannity calls him
an un-American, crazy pinko communist, but
Sean Hannity's a liar and that's a different story.
The Cabinet is a bunch of people who help
Obama run the country. Each is called
secretary of something or other.
Secretary of state,
Secretary of defense,
Secretary of commerce
We've no
secretary of peace
secretary of enlightenment
secretary of renewal and rejuvenation
that's all going to change this weekend.
Breitenbush is a clothing optional retreat center with
hot springs and cold creeks
yoga classes
organic vegetarian food
acres of ancient forest trails;
so this weekend the entire cabinet will
conduct all business completely naked.
I hear one of the women is
worried about her cankles, but
once she's soaked for two days in these
healing waters, she's going to have more
self-confidence than you can shake a stick at.
Joe Biden, our Vice President, can
prattle on for a month of Sundays about
not much of anything, but once he
takes one bite out of a fresh and juicy
organic Oregon strawberry, he's
not going to know what hit him and
he's going to keep his
runaway train mouth shut and
contemplate the true meaning of things.
My friend, Krystee, will be at Breitenbush
this weekend, too, writing women's
sacred stories, and she's gonna sit next to
Obama at dinner and remind him
what's what.  He'll be so impressed
he'll declare Krystee Secretary of
Spiritual Self Evolution and if
Sean Hannity's afraid of
un-American, crazy, pinko communists
now, then just wait until this
witchy woman's on board.
But Obama and the rest of the
Cabinet will be so in tune with the
universe they won't give a flying fuck.
And if you, reading this ten thousand years
from now, out into my uncertain future, if you
live with clean air, clean water, strong minds,
beautiful teeth, I’m telling you
this weekend was the start of it all.

ReadWritePoem Prompt: Day 23

Write a poem in which you combine a speaker and an event that normally don’t go together (such as sports broadcasters and poetry writing).