Sorry, Not Sorry

It could have been so different.

In a different life, perhaps, on

a different planet where love

flourishes and never dies, where

youthful indiscretions are merely

a cause for pause and not

unspoken regret harbored for life.


It could have been so different, but

if it had been different, a different life perhaps,

then we would have lost now,


I'm sorry,

now is greater than anything then.



Writer's Digest Prompt Day 3:

For today’s prompt, there are actually two options, because it’s Tuesday, which means a “Two for Tuesday” prompt. They are:

  • Write an apology poem, or…
  • Write an unapologetic poem.

Your choice. You can be sorry–or not. Or write about someone who is sorry–or not.


sorry not sorry

Your reflections led to reasonable conclusion.

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