nothing like naked photos to

convince me I need to go on a diet.
comfortable in this old woman’s body
I’ve become complacent, viewed through
lens of husband’s loving eye.
but in camera lens, with twenty-four
carat color, the belly, soft, pale, doughy
rises round, flat at the top like Mount St. Helens
meeting twin sisters at the junction of
heart and Adam’s rib.
and last December in Barcelona
with the cost of Iberico ham a
bargain at one hundred eleven euros a kilo,
I didn’t think I could afford to bring some
home with me, let alone get it in my
carry-on luggage, but in today’s photo,
falling below my Bermuda Triangle, there are
two cured haunches, black hooves attached.
even with the softness of late afternoon light
these photos are not kind.
this old woman’s body is
well worn, well loved, well used and
not about to cause an
embarrassing situation for the
males at Breitenbush,
but at lunch today, the
owner of a small falafel stand
gave me an appreciative once-over.
Mediterranean men seem to
know at a glance that I came by
these generous curves honestly,
nothing stingy or mean in this
body, and if you lie down beside me,
you will be comforted.
Nevertheless, a few less pounds could
mean a few more years for loving, so
as soon as I finish this tiny slice of pie,
I’m going to the gym.

ReadWritePoem Prompt: Day 19

For today’s NaPoWriMo prompt, Read Write Poem member Rallentanda introduces a word that’s new to many of us: éclat. Online dictionaries (like this one) list several definitions, but it is the etymology that inspires the meaning chosen for today’s prompt. The word éclat is French, and we’re paying attention to its root éclater, “to burst (out), shine.”

For Rallentanda, and us, this means a flash or light bulb moment. Everyone has had one. Things suddenly fall into place (a realization of the truth of the matter). Your poem should express the emotions that grip you as you experience your ’shock’ moment.