Rocio's Going Away Party

Rocio would have approved.
Rocio always loved a good party and
being the center of attention and
at the party we told lots of stories and
all of them were about her and
her sister sang a Spanish song for her and
Carmen danced some weird heart-felt dance for her and
Elise pounded the drum for her and
we had beautiful cake from JaCiva's, her favorite,
chocolate with raspberry filling and butter cream frosting and
everyone brought food, lots of great food and
Jason brought stuff from Nicolas,
they've got the best baba ganoush in town, and
Mark set up a grill and
even the hard-core vegetarians didn't complain about the smell of sizzling burgers because Rocio loved a good hamburger and
we all remembered her smile when she wiped mayo off her lip or
the way she complained about the drips of ketchup on her shirt and
the weather was perfect, July was always her favorite month, and
Portland is so beautiful in July, and
we set up a little altar under the canopy of two pines and
it held her drawings of fairies and
some of her rock collection and
friends showed off tattoos Rocio had given them,
she was such an amazing tattoo artist, and
later Sabrina sang another song for her and
we all joined hands in one great, big circle and
we hugged people we had never met and
we played frisbee in the open, grassy patch next to Firwood Lake, 
Laurelhurst was always her favorite park, and
we cried, of course,
everyone laughed and cried because it was such a great party and
Rocio would have loved it and
it was all too fucking sad because she missed it.

ReadWritePoem Prompt Day 10:

Write about a birthday party, a wedding, a baptism — any kind of celebration where you were with family or friends or both. Write about the colors you remember, the sounds (and how they made you feel) and the tastes you remember from any of those events. Did these things make you feel good? Did you experience any new foods? Did you meet any new people?

Sometimes, beyond our control, festivities can take a turn for the worse. Maybe that happened to you or someone you know. Whatever happened, be it great or not so great, let’s write about it!

This was one of the best parties I've ever been too, and one of the saddest - for a 29 year old friend who died of cancer.