on the M38L route, west along Geary

the bus carries the smell of grease and

fried chicken along with its passengers

I smell soiled diapers, but there are

no infants in mother's arms, only

ancient and aging with dentures that

don't seem to fit, their

mouths open and close like

classic windup teeth

chattering on your nightstand


the announcements are made in

three languages, only the

first is mine

I'm late for an appointment but

I don't know where or why

I lost my sense of direction, and

left my sense of humor

next to the bed along with clothes

discarded last night


at Park Presidio, a

young Asian woman

boards the bus and I

lose my sense of urgency

I could stare at her for hours

her, her flawless complexion, and her

perfect sense of style


ReadWritePoem Prompt: Day 21

Write a poem about flaws and perfection in yourself or in nature or write about how you feel about being imperfect or perfect.

Here are some things you may want to reflect on as you write: Do flaws add beauty to the world? What does it feel like to experience perfection? What is it like to encounter flaws — in our selves, in others, in systems or in objects? As imperfect beings, are we able to adequately judge perfection?

If you’d like, you can try contrasting these both concepts in one poem or just choose the one that you feel most drawn to. There is potential for both perfection and flaws in everything on earth, so there’s no limit to to subject you use to frame your poems.

I saw both on this bus ride yesterday - the flawed and the flawless