Leave a Message

old fashioned telephoneHello, you've reached me

Well, not me, just a part of me

My voice through the wire

Your heart on the line and

I'm sorry I can't take your call.

I'm not in, or I'm in and not

answering because, well

the reasons are too

numerous to mention

but I'm glad you called

I'm glad we've connected

If only for a moment

If only in my dreams

so please leave a message

after the beep.


2012 Poem-a-Day Challenge.

Writer's Digest Day 1: For today’s prompt, write a communication poem. The communication could be dialogue between two (or more people); a postcard correspondence; a letter; a voicemail; a text message; a series of tweets; or whatever. Heck, I guess a poem is a form of communication–so there’s really no way to screw up today’s prompt.

I haven't written poetry in such a long time, and my versing muscles need flexing. Hopefully, I'll get better as the month progresses.

Image found at http://bullybloggers.wordpress.com.