If It Takes All Night

This week at Good Vibrations I

thumbed a guide to getting it on.


It said there are

one hundred and one ways

to make love to you.


Each position came with detailed instructions

was illustrated with color photographs

the well defined models at least thirty years our junior.


Each position had its own name

the falling lotus

the divine triangle

the steam shovel

but even at fifty

we invent new ways to love


This position we'll call the Betty Boop Bop

(she's still got it, Eddie) and

this one is a Bad News Bears scrimmage and

when, on your bare body, I trace all

twelve words from yesterday's

poetry prompt with fingers and tongue,

when, from memory, I draw a relief map of your body,

when, without hesitation, I ski every hill, paddle every river,

I'll call that one

sweet exhaustion.



Poetic Asides Prompt: Day 23

For today's prompt, write an exhausted poem. The poem can be a first person account of your own exhaustion, or it can describe the exhaustion of someone (or something) else. Heck, I guess it even could be about exhaust, huh?