I Can't Believe I Am Doing This

Hello out there.

i’m 21 years old,
a barista (like everyone else in portland)
& a student at lewis & clark
i love mathematics – it's my major
(i confess, i’m a bit of a nerd)
i have sapphire hair
(but i might go pink in summer)
i’ve got four tattoos and seven silver loops
(you try and guess where)
i talk to squirrels & the raccoon
living in Elephant Park off Burnside
i like to date girls who are boyish
(trust me, if you wear boys’ underwear
you’re gonna get pounced), but
i wanna girl with some pounce, too
i like music, movies, picnics, bikes, 
giggling in bed, happy hour, the ocean,
wearing skirts, farmers’ markets, & beer
(and not necessarily in that order)
i have a cape,
i make whoosh noises
i am NOT
looking for anything serious,
let me repeat, i am NOT
looking for anything serious


if you’re interested, here are some
things i do with someone i am kissing:
walk to the park at noon &
swing on the swings,
picnic at zoo summer concerts &
roll around in the grass,
drink dead guy ale while you
drink what you drink
(preferably dead guy ale)
swim in the river
(the Sandy not the Willamette)
drive deep into the middle of the night
to no place in particular
now, here are some things I want you to do:
laugh at my jokes
(they’re funny, trust me)
attempt the NYT crossword puzzle
laugh at how you can never get
the NYT crossword puzzle
tell me how amazingly cute
i look in my dress
talk with me
about music, books, movies, food, beer
talk with me
about feminism
if things work out well,
(although we’ll still be far from serious)
on sunday mornings, i’ll make you breakfast 
after we work out some serious algebraic expressions in bed.

ReadWritePoem Prompt: Day 29

For this prompt, choose your favorite newspaper or online news provider. Jot down five to ten headlines that jump out at you and without reading the articles, select elements from each headline to create a new event about which your poem reports. Alternately, let short-format sections inspire you. Write a poem in the form of an obituary, a personal ad, a classified ad, etc. (Bonus points if you can pull off a poem in the form of a crossword puzzle.)

No crossword puzzle, but I did mention one in my personal ad.