the key, I hid it

near the barbie out back
barbie as in grill Australian style,
not barbie as in doll
you're the doll, and I'll
call you doll,
especially when you wear that
soft, green sweater the
color of a lily pad

sleep on my pillow
my scent is there
along with abandoned strands of grey hair
it's the pillow on the left, the
weird one with two hills and a
valley to cradle my neck,
did I ever tell you? I have a
very bad neck

coffee's on the
kitchen counter to the
right of the sink
it's hidden in a
Café du Monde can cause I
like the can, I keep
New Orleans around me
as much as I can, but the coffee's
Stumptown, fair trade and organic
the toothpaste's organic, too, but it's

coming with me so
you need to bring your own

in this house, we don't have
his or hers anything, not even
towels, so all the books are mine
and the movies are mine and
what's mine is yours to share

and what he thought was his alone is
now for the sharing, too, but we'll
talk more about that later

the hot and spicy movies are
on my computer, and after this
email I'm packing it up, but
you've got a laptop, there's
Why-Phy, and if you need
more than thoughts of me
pressed against the
hood of a car for stimulation
then check out
sex with girls with specs dot com

Elvis gets two cups of food every day
I'll post the vet's name and number
on the fridge, the motorcycle is
on its way to Bellingham so it's
not here for you to ride but
I've got a flying carpet I'll
show you later

and if you climb the stairs, there's a
secret cupboard on the right
it holds games, the only games we
play in this house
pinochle is not one of them


this is a Chloe prompt - written day 17