Girl in Class

two desks over, she’s
skirting the edge
peripheral vision edge
keeps me glancing over
on the edge of my seat
blue demin skirt, black t-shirt
two appliqué symbols
scattered with sequins the
color of fertile Tecumseh Valley fields
two appliqué symbols,
one for each breast
the right is earth
the left stands for fire
her legs, long, slender, bare
a trembling three-day foal
crossed at the knees
with black flat dangling from
five perfect toes,
right heel exposed
soft and smooth
the flank of the foal
I want her shoes
half a meter between
style and comfort
they’re practical shoes
don’t call attention,
don’t add height
she can slip in and
out with purpose
walk through fire
clear to the edge of the world

ReadWritePoem Prompt: Day 17

Let’s be elemental. Fire, earth, water, wind. They touch our lives every day. Choose one that interests you, then take a point of view that is not so much your usual. Observe what interaction you’ve known, or not known, with this element.

You might make it personal or take the element’s point of view (how might humans appear to you from that stance?) or wander where you may. Tell us something about your element that we don’t know.