Georgia O'Keeffe

Has anyone ever said

you look like Georgia O’Keeffe?
I’m not saying that to get on
your good side, although I
want to be on your good side,
(you haven’t got a bad side),
just take a good look in those eyes,
I’ve seen those eyes before, the nose, the
unplucked eyebrow, even the
tiniest part of her ear lobe
peeking out from under
her hat, these all remind me of you.
Georgia gazes into the distance, and
I’ve seen you with a faraway look in your eyes.
Maybe she’s remembering
something or someone that’s hurt her,
I've read your poems, your stories,
we have few secrets
Maybe she’s looking toward an
uncertain future; we’ve both
lived long enough to realize that
the future is nothing if not uncertain,
but even though her brow is furrowed,
even though her lips are closed,
drawing down in four corners,
spinning in the direction of four winds,
she is not afraid
she is beautiful
like you

Poetic Asides Prompt: Day 19

For today's prompt, write a poem about somebody and be sure to include the person's name in the title of your poem (no reason to hide the person's identity here). Write a poem about Abraham Lincoln, Emily Dickinson, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, your next door neighbor, your child, or the person standing behind you. I guess you could even technically write a poem about yourself (just make sure you include your name in the title).