Community Pool

spring break, mid-week afternoon

the continuous din of highpitched voices

echoes off cavernous metal roof and

every few minutes the cacphony is

pierced by lifeguard's whistle


no running on deck

no jumping no splashing

and the current channel circles like a

crazy river tugging lower bodies to its

mouth and the relative quiet of the baby pool


the children are safe under

six pairs of watchful eyes

a good reason to invent god

guardian of our days, a guide unto our end


lately I'm caught in your current

but the destination is unknown and I

cannot stop moving


an invisible hand pulls me forward

it is only time and I cannot stop it


seaweed around my leg tugs me under

it is only love and I cannot stop it


Poem a Day: Day 15

This one is off topic. Poetic Asides wanted deadline, but I was crazed with work today, and needed to get something done today to meet the deadline, so maybe this works.