Cherries for Hamburgers

you stand behind dirty counter

Queen Cherries of Cherries for Hamburgers,
as much of a fixture as the ice milk machine
bottle red hair, today its beehive’s home to
artificial mistletoe, plastic holly
I’d almost forgotten, it’s almost Christmas, and
on jukebox Conway Twitty croons “Silent Night”
truckers and farmers and occasional pilgrims
fill this small town diner, and you reign supreme
sweet, sweet cherries
you jaw with customers while
hot west wind blows red dirt under
broken screen door
what can I get ya’ll? you ask
a cup of coffee and a way out of here
anything else I can do for ya?
yeah, tell me how you get up in the morning with
varicose road maps on legs that never sit,
thoughtlessly tossed quarters, big empty bed
there’s pain behind purple painted eyes, so
how the spirit, how the smile?
I have trouble getting out of bed in the morning,
so, you’re my hero, Cherries
and if I can ever figure out a way to grow up,
I want to be just like you

ReadWritePoem Prompt: Day 20

Write a poem in which you to pay tribute to your hero, past or present. What made your childhood hero so special? What traits did you envy?

I've written two other poems today, so I've fulfilled my daily obligation. This particular poem is a bit of a cheat - it's a rewrite of a poem written more than 25 years ago