I scour ancient dirt,
magnifying glass, chisel in hand
shards of bone, broken glass lie scattered
saffron colored carcass
rusting behind broken plywood fence
are these part of one animal or two?
I could build a fanciful creature
one drawn purely from my
paranoia and imagination
or I could be prophet Ezekiel
speak with unflinching confidence,
form a squall in Dead Sea waters until
wind becomes breath and
dead bones rise
a legion of fierce warriors whose
marching feet reverberate on valley floor
I could do all that, but
if I work slowly, take my time
I'll discover truths about my past
I never thought I'd know
reality is more amazing
than any myth or creature I might invent



ReadWritePoem Prompt: Day 22

Today’s prompt is from Read Write Poem member Catherine who provided the contents for today’s prompt, a Wordle.

reverberate, rust, squall, tomorrow, flinch, emporium, crow, dizzy, pepper, saffron, tendril, fierce

Use one, or use them, all in the poem you write today.

I got reverberate, rust, squall, flinch, fierce, saffron - one-half