For Breakfast We Had

The silence between them has weight.

fills a metal bowl--gravel

coarse, indigestible


Though inseparable, they have no words.

Words have been said and resaid, used and misused,

until they are wedding sheets,

hung in the sun,

worn down to nothing,

thin and threadbare.


Once, hand in hand, they walked

a gravel path home

past irises and catalpa trees, then

the awful happiness drowned in words,

and, instead of tea,

cups filled with tears.

Now all they have left

is hard, heavy


and the wait.


Day 5 Prompt from Not Without Poetry: This prompt is sort of like the infamous New Yorker caption contest. (Infamous because I never won.) Only instead of a caption, your challenge is to create a poem that’s inspired–however loosely–by the strange little drawing I’ve created. So let your imaginations run wild! I think he/she/they/it need(s) all the help you can provide in making some sense.


The prompt from Poetic Asides was to do one of the following:

  1. Write a goofy poem.
  2. Write a serious poem.

I think this qualifies as a serious poem.


Lastly, following the prompt at, I used an oxymoron created using the Serendipitous Oxymoron Generator found at