Born Again


faced with an indefensible position, this word or that, I stumble
each time I reach for pen. Torn
reason and
utter depravity,
April is a long month to travel a
road less often taken without
you as guide, lamp to my feet, light to my path.
5 times 5
times 5 times
more than 5 times of loving ,
still I will not have given you
all the hours promised.
But then I’m not counting.
Are you?



ReadWritePoem Prompt: Day 27

Take a word that’s part of you — your name, your birth month, your favorite animal, your guiding principle. Write that word vertically down a page and use the letters to start the lines of a poem. When you’re done, you’ll have an acrostic poem.

Poetic Asides Prompt: Day 26

For today's prompt, write a "more than 5 times" poem. Of course, I'll let you decide what that means. Maybe you'll write a poem about something the narrator does more times than preferable ; maybe you'll write a deja vu poem; or maybe you'll just write the same line and/or stanza more than 5 times.

This is my birthday - February 5th.