Ain't Got Much to Say

Aging is one thing after another falling apart.

I swore I would never be one of those old women

who discusses ad nauseum her aches and pains,

but really, what else is there to talk about?


I take Lisinopril for high blood pressure,

Premerin to stave off the heat from god's anvil.

My father's list of medications is as long as his arm.

Surgeries both inpatient and outpatient, physical therapy,

homeopathy, alternative medicines.

No one I know can read without glasses anymore.


We could talk about our fears, I suppose, share

stories past and present, the hope we see in

our grandchildren, but complaining is much easier,

less demanding of conscious thought.


But if you're tired of that, then I guess

we can talk about the weather, but you know

how it goes, it's always too hot or too cold.


Poetic Asides Prompt: Day 5

For today's prompt, write a TMI poem (or too much information poem). As with all prompts, there are a number of ways to come at this one. You can make it about gossip or revealing too much personal information. You could write an information overload poem. Or...well, this is what I produced.