Up Against a Deadline and the Hood of a Car

in high school it was, hurry up

my mom's coming home

in college, ear's pressed against door,

quick baby, get it done

before boyfriend's back,

angry I'm not alone

then children's hungry

morning knocking

keeps us at bay

harder, faster, sweetie before

planes and clients carry you far away

now grandson's coming over,

he's got a little league game to play

so, make haste, my darling,

some hay without delay



Written on day 16, but the prompt was from Poetic Asides - Day 15.

For today's prompt, write a deadline poem. You can interpret what a deadline poem is however you wish. Maybe it's a poem that laments the idea of deadlines. Maybe it's a poem about someone intentionally missing them or who never has problems with them (I wish I were that person). Regardless of how you take it, remember that you have until tomorrow before another prompt will be posted. Consider that your poetic deadline.