April Fools

My iPhone starting strumming harp strings before nine this morning. The ringtone for my girlfriend, Krystee.

"Random House called," she exclaimed, voice all a tremble.

Bridge over South Canadian River near Calvin, Oklahoma

The Harrier and the Mouse

Crystal is hunkered down in her bed writing, and tonight, like every other night, she is pretending she is on safari, deep in the wilds of Africa.

Super-Short Summer Serial Challenge

What happens when you cross flash fiction with serialized fiction?

Watch here for installments of my latest short story: Regret is Looking in Your Mother's Mirror as the Summer Starts to Fade.

I'll be telling an original serialized story in nine or more installments, with each installment less than five hundred words. These installments will be available on this website throughout July. At the end of the month, I'll submit my completed story to Declaration Editing to be considered as one of five serials published in a special e-journal.

The genesis of this story came from a prompt in my four-person writing group. We each had to come up with a feeling, a time, a "mother," and a "mirror." My feeling was "regret," and the time was late summer, 1995, the night Cal Ripken broke Lou Gehrig's streak.

This is also my first attempt to tackle memoir in a new style and perspective.

If you would like to read the short story in one sitting, a PDF copy is attached.

Let me know what you think.

Lani Jo

Why buy me a beer?

If I were a musician, I could take my guitar or oboe or didgeridoo down to the Saturday Market and play and sing for you. You might applaud my feeble attempts and throw some spare change into the coffee can at my feet.

If I made triple scented candles from 100% natural, environmentally friendly, USA grown soy beans, then I might put up a website and for ten dollars sell you some light to brighten a dark, winter's night.

Where's my ham?

Roger, my husband, is a talented Drupal developer, and when I told him I wanted to create a website for my writing endeavors, he was happy to oblige. Together we selected a theme, and he added a few modules that fit my particular needs as a writer. He needed a placeholder for the site slogan, so, more as a joke than anything, he threw up "Where's my ham?"

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