poetic asides prompt

Poem Starting with a Line from Mark Strand

open the book of deep night

to the

page where the

house settles

creaking bones


the smell of jasmine

draws a

translucent canopy over my

Off to See the Wizard

I am Oz

great and powerful

come with what you want, I'll

give you what you need


looking back, I

carry you forward

eyes in the back of your head

According to Rauschenberg

According to Rauschenberg

a pair of socks is no less suitable

to make a painting than

wood, nails, turpentine, oil and fabric.


If It Takes All Night

This week at Good Vibrations I

thumbed a guide to getting it on.


It said there are

one hundred and one ways

to make love to you.


More or Less

not enough information, you tell me


so suppose I tell you

the tortoise shell comb is

blue plastic purchased at the

Woolworth's on St. Charles Avenue


we walked north up

Kearny, then west

two blocks to Stockton and I

came as close to China as I

can get on this side of the

Pacific Ocean.


Heavenly BBQ

when my momma died
folks from town were good to help out
sitting vigil at Fair Haven Funeral Home
dropping off food at house, kitchen table laden with


Up Against a Deadline and the Hood of a Car

in high school it was, hurry up

my mom's coming home

in college, ear's pressed against door,

quick baby, get it done

before boyfriend's back,

angry I'm not alone

Poem Starting with a Line from Norman Dubie

The lights of the galaxies are strung out over a dipper of gin

certainly the start of a poem Joan Miró can sink his teeth in

cause you know Miró says poetry, painting are

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