poem a day

I'm at My Wit's End

for in brown, tufted chair

front corner of comfy coffee shop

my lover sits legs entwined

caressing mug of hot chai


nutmeg, cinnamon

drop through foam

According to Rauschenberg

According to Rauschenberg

a pair of socks is no less suitable

to make a painting than

wood, nails, turpentine, oil and fabric.


If It Takes All Night

This week at Good Vibrations I

thumbed a guide to getting it on.


It said there are

one hundred and one ways

to make love to you.





on the M38L route, west along Geary

the bus carries the smell of grease and

fried chicken along with its passengers

I smell soiled diapers, but there are

More or Less

not enough information, you tell me


so suppose I tell you

the tortoise shell comb is

blue plastic purchased at the

Woolworth's on St. Charles Avenue

Cherries for Hamburgers

you stand behind dirty counter

False Impressions

appearances are deceiving


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