poem a day challenge

Sorry, Not Sorry

It could have been so different.

In a different life, perhaps, on

a different planet where love

flourishes and never dies, where

youthful indiscretions are merely


gone is the winter sister

with disgruntled scowl,

foul-smelling mouth,

draped in angel white wings,

Lazarus' shroud.


we welcome gladly


Leave a Message

old fashioned telephoneHello, you've reached me


He was killed instantly last Thursday

though the father, blacksmith's bellows,

worked tirelessly ten minutes or more

blowing air into tiny lungs that would not

If I Only

Shucked husks stuff

burlap bags;

Without Me

Without me

gravity keeps the earth

in orbit around the sun;

waves break on Oregon's shores,

a million or more wildebeest

migrate across the Serengeti,

Here Is My Promise

I will take you out for coffee

serve you ginger lemon honey tea

pull chocolate bonbons out of rocks

feed them to you by hand


When it rains or when it hails

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