poem a day

April Fools

My iPhone starting strumming harp strings before nine this morning. The ringtone for my girlfriend, Krystee.

"Random House called," she exclaimed, voice all a tremble.

Bridge over South Canadian River near Calvin, Oklahoma

Letting Go

outside the door leading to the East
Portland Community Center pool
a plywood boy stands g

I Am Five

This is my first memory

This Morning

surely it was you

I was not dreaming


in my room

in my bed

between my legs

it was your neck

your chin

your jaw line

I'm sobbing

Poem Starting with a Line from Mark Strand

open the book of deep night

to the

page where the

house settles

creaking bones


the smell of jasmine

draws a

translucent canopy over my

Student Union

Around the room, large as gymnasium,
couches lie scattered like children’s toys,
covered in student bodies, blue-gold brocade.


Emo Guy

During lunch hour, black converse one-star high-tops

hang out behind the gymnasium smoking

Newports cut with pot and teenage angst.


Off to See the Wizard

I am Oz

great and powerful

come with what you want, I'll

give you what you need


looking back, I

carry you forward

eyes in the back of your head

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