Walking Home

In the twelfth year of my marriage something got lost. My husband Roger and I had a fight. It's futile to repeat what was said. Cruel, ugly words spilled out on both sides. My psyche felt like it had stayed out in the sun too long, defaced by blistered, oozing sores. Our bed, once an island oasis, was now as wide as the Gulf of Mexico, and each night I slept fitfully robed in grey flannel. We moved through our days in studied politeness. Emotionally abandoned and betrayed, for the first time I danced with the specter of divorce.

Super-Short Summer Serial Challenge

What happens when you cross flash fiction with serialized fiction?

Watch here for installments of my latest short story: Regret is Looking in Your Mother's Mirror as the Summer Starts to Fade.

I'll be telling an original serialized story in nine or more installments, with each installment less than five hundred words. These installments will be available on this website throughout July. At the end of the month, I'll submit my completed story to Declaration Editing to be considered as one of five serials published in a special e-journal.

The genesis of this story came from a prompt in my four-person writing group. We each had to come up with a feeling, a time, a "mother," and a "mirror." My feeling was "regret," and the time was late summer, 1995, the night Cal Ripken broke Lou Gehrig's streak.

This is also my first attempt to tackle memoir in a new style and perspective.

If you would like to read the short story in one sitting, a PDF copy is attached.

Let me know what you think.

Lani Jo

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