Here Is My Promise

I will take you out for coffee

serve you ginger lemon honey tea

pull chocolate bonbons out of rocks

feed them to you by hand


When it rains or when it hails

It Took

forty yearsThe Open Road

thirty-six moves

four states

Coming Clean

     Sitting at my mom’s well-worn oak dining table, I drink ice-cold sweet tea, and listen for the buzz of the clothes dryer. Yup.

For My Valentine

darlin'Roger and Lani Wedding Portrait

This Morning

surely it was you

I was not dreaming


in my room

in my bed

between my legs

it was your neck

your chin

your jaw line

I'm sobbing

I'm at My Wit's End

for in brown, tufted chair

front corner of comfy coffee shop

my lover sits legs entwined

caressing mug of hot chai


nutmeg, cinnamon

drop through foam


the key, I hid it

Community Pool

spring break, mid-week afternoon

the continuous din of highpitched voices

echoes off cavernous metal roof and

every few minutes the cacphony is

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