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End of Week One of the Poem a Day Challenge

and I'm having the time of my life. Thanks to both readwritepoem and Poetic Asides for the great prompts.

Words in poems can be ambiguous, sometimes purposefully ambiguous. In my prose, I try to take great care to make my meaning clear, and I'll rework a phrase or substitute a word here and there until I'm sure that the reader will take away what I intend. In my poetry I sometimes expect my words to work over-time and provide several levels of meaning.

When I write prose, I use the computer almost exclusively.

Super-Short Summer Serial Challenge

What happens when you cross flash fiction with serialized fiction?

Watch here for installments of my latest short story: Regret is Looking in Your Mother's Mirror as the Summer Starts to Fade.

I'll be telling an original serialized story in nine or more installments, with each installment less than five hundred words. These installments will be available on this website throughout July. At the end of the month, I'll submit my completed story to Declaration Editing to be considered as one of five serials published in a special e-journal.

The genesis of this story came from a prompt in my four-person writing group. We each had to come up with a feeling, a time, a "mother," and a "mirror." My feeling was "regret," and the time was late summer, 1995, the night Cal Ripken broke Lou Gehrig's streak.

This is also my first attempt to tackle memoir in a new style and perspective.

If you would like to read the short story in one sitting, a PDF copy is attached.

Let me know what you think.

Lani Jo

Patchwork Quilt Memory

Just in the past week, I've reconnected with people I haven't laid eyes on in more than 20 years,  both encounters courtesy of Facebook.

Since I work in memoir, it's interesting to discover how differently we remember the stories that we carry forward into our future.

Where's my ham?

Roger, my husband, is a talented Drupal developer, and when I told him I wanted to create a website for my writing endeavors, he was happy to oblige. Together we selected a theme, and he added a few modules that fit my particular needs as a writer. He needed a placeholder for the site slogan, so, more as a joke than anything, he threw up "Where's my ham?"

Welcome Home

It's been one hell of a year on both the personal and global front. In March we bury our beautiful and beloved Aunt Beverly after she dies from a debilitating stroke. Thousands of innocents die in senseless wars; hundreds of thousands are injured. There's my tumor and hysterectomy. Oil prices balloon to $100 a barrel, and the economy collapses. Then, are you ready for this? God and I get a divorce.

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