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Write a Poem a Day

April is National Poetry Month, and someone came up with the idea to write a poem a day.

I'm taking the challenge, and following the prompts provided by readwritepoem and Poetic Asides by Robert Lee Brewer on the Writer's Digest website.

All the poems on my site have been written since March 24th - I started a few days earlier to determine if it was even possible to commit to this challenge. I'm finding these poems are shorter, less analyzed, a bit more raw, but maybe that's a good thing. I often tend to overthink all the feeling out of my work.

Hearing Voices

Spent the weekend at an Aurora Chorus retreat on the Oregon coast. Something magical happened in the company of these 120 wonderful women.

angels singing

Two Fibs in On-line Journal

I submitted a few Fibonacci poems to the Fib Review, and two were accepted.

silver fibonacci shell spiral

The Small Things

A year ago when I first tried the Poem-a-Day challenge, my life overflowed with big things-love, heartbreak, chronic pain, undiagnosed illness.

Grandson Sage at Safeco Field

April Fools

My iPhone starting strumming harp strings before nine this morning. The ringtone for my girlfriend, Krystee.

"Random House called," she exclaimed, voice all a tremble.

Bridge over South Canadian River near Calvin, Oklahoma

Poetry Returns

I haven't felt like writing poetry in a long-time. I don't know if I got burned out writing a poem a day last April, or because my muse took off looking for her lost dog.

Vote for My Story in the Sledgehammer Contest

For the second year in a row, I signed up for the Sledgehammer Writing Contest here in Portland, and I need you to vote for the Readers' Choice Award.

Sledgehammer starts off with a scavenger hunt,

Super Duper Lucky

Last Saturday, Roger and I took our young friend, Leela, to see Madeline and the Gypsies at NW Children's Theater.

Final Day of NaPoWriMo

It's April 30, and I've posted more poems this month than I ever thought possible. The challenge stretched me creatively, and I'm looking at language in new ways.

More than Halfway through the Challenge

Today is Day 18 of the NaPoWriMo Challenge. One month to write a poem a day. Since my last blog, we've taken on a couple of poetic forms I didn't know - the tanka and the cleave.

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