Super Duper Lucky

Last Saturday, Roger and I took our young friend, Leela, to see Madeline and the Gypsies at NW Children's Theater. Leela turned four on May 3rd, and when we can, we like to give experiences as presents instead of things.

Leela loved the play, especially the dancing. She watched intently, whispered great, thoughtful questions, and, after the performance, couldn't wait to meet the young actress who played Madeline.

Before the play, she and Roger went into the gift shop where they were selling some lovely porcelain dolls. Leela understands the meaning of "fragile," since her mom is a sculptor who creates fanciful and full-articulated dolls and marionettes. But Leela simply admired the dolls from afar and never asked for a thing.

Afterward, Roger took her back to the shop to purchase the one beauty that Leela had most treasured. As they stood in line to pay for it, Leela held the doll carefully in her arms and gazed into its blue eyes. Then she broke into the biggest grin and said, "I'm so lucky. I'm super duper lucky."

This is how grace exists for me these days. Now that I have no religion or church or god. Grace comes to me in the realization that without my asking, and certainly with my deserving it, I am lucky.

I am super duper lucky.