The Small Things

A year ago when I first tried the Poem-a-Day challenge, my life overflowed with big things-love, heartbreak, chronic pain, undiagnosed illness. I spent one week in New Orleans, a place of deep memory for me, and another week in San Francisco, stimulated by all of its delicious sights and sounds. All of it conducive to making poetry.

This year, I've settled back into a regular routine. My body is healing, my emotions have quieted. I keep asking myself, where is the poetry in my every day, day to day? Is there poetry in small things?

In my chorus this spring, we're rehearsing three songs using Mary Oliver's poetry for lyrics. She finds poetry in small things. Swans and bears. Familiar hills. The family of things.

So in lieu of Big Things this spring, I will look for my poetry in the small things around me. A sunny walk up Mount Tabor. My lover's sleeping breath. My grandson's chocolate eyes.

What small things make up the fabric of your daily life? What small things bring you joy and despair?

You tell me yours, and I will tell you mine.

To learn more about Mary Oliver and her poetry, here's a site from Southern University of Illinois. Sage at Safeco Field

Grandson Sage at Safeco Field