Poetry Returns

I haven't felt like writing poetry in a long-time. I don't know if I got burned out writing a poem a day last April, or because my muse took off looking for her lost dog. But where once the words insisted on coming and consuming my mind for hours of every day, for months now, I've had trouble finding the words to describe my most basic needs, let alone the stuff of poetry.

My memoir consumes most of my time these days, but I find the more I work on it, delving into my 17-year old voice, suffering once again the pain of giving up my baby, the more I seem to need poetry for balance. So slowly other images are returning. They may be images of loss and longing, but at least these can be expressed through the eyes and mouth of my 57 years of experience.

I recently heard of a wonderful short form called the Fibonacci, a 6-line form that is based on the structure of the Fibonacci sequence, and I've tried my hand at a few of these.

And today I used a word prompt for a Wordle, which was fun since it's possible to create a unique word cloud that's its own kind of art form.

April is almost upon us, and another poem-a-day challenge. I'm still not sure if I'm up for it, but I saw my first daffodil today, and I welcome the rain for surely now spring and words will come.