More than Halfway through the Challenge

Today is Day 18 of the NaPoWriMo Challenge. One month to write a poem a day. Since my last blog, we've taken on a couple of poetic forms I didn't know - the tanka and the cleave. We've written about love, death, celebrations, even cats - and what I'm discovering, but something I think I've always known, is that there is poetry in everything. As we move through our lives, we create a dance and we draw a picture, and when the dance and the picture are described in words, we have a poem. In reading some of the other poetic works this month, I'm struck time and again about how some of the most insignificant, mundane moments are made beautiful through a poem. And on the other side, some of the most awful or wonderful life-changing events that seem indescribable at the time can be made accessible in a poem. And when the poem is shared, then more than one life is transformed. If you don't think you're a poet, just try it, and see what's possible.